Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme

Hendrik Brumme (Doctorate, Erasmus University; Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Karlsruhe University) has been President of Reutlingen University since 2012. Previously, he served as Vice-President at the same institution for a five-year term. During the 16 years of industrial experience at Hewlett Packard, he held a number of senior management positions. From 1998 to 2004, he was Director of Operations and Head of the European Enterprise Systems plant in Germany with an annual turnover of $US 2.5 bn. This manufacturing facility won several industrial awards for excellence. His teaching and research focus is in the fields of supply chain management; logistics planning as well as factory management and development.

Prof. Dr. techn. Daniel Palm

Daniel Palm, born 1967 in the area of Stuttgart, holds a research professorship (W3) at ESB Business School in Reutlingen. He is head of the Research Centre for Value Added and Logistics Systems at Reutlingen University and the Reutlingen Centre for Industry 4.0 - an institution supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg to advise companies in the field of Industry 4.0. The main focus of his consulting and research work at industrial companies are business processes and structures in the areas of logistics, supply chain and operations management as well as the digital transformation of companies.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Darun

Mohd Ridzuan Darun is the founding Dean of Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Malaysia). He is an expert in management accounting, management control system, Halal supply chain and working capital management. He has great interest on Blockchain Technology and currently leading various projects on the adoption of Blockchain technology on supply chain, mobile wallet and anti-forgery apps. Ridzuan has been appointed as the new Chairman of Peer Review Committee of ABEST21 based in Japan (2017-2019). He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance (majoring in corporate finance and investment) from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA, Master of Business Administration from Universiti Utara Malaysia, and a PhD in Accounting from Lincoln University, New Zealand. Under his leadership, FIM obtained an international accreditation from ABEST21. He also created a new FIM Governance and Integrity Centre (FGIC) and  FIM Learning Factory. Furthermore, he established several new collaborations with related international and domestic institutions. 

Prof. Dr. Martin Grossman

Martin Grossman is a Professor of Information Systems Management in the College of Business at Bridgewater State University (BSU) in Massachusetts, USA.    As well as teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in Information Systems, Dr. Grossman is actively involved in a number of international initiatives and has traveled extensively to teach, run study tours, participate in exchanges and conduct research.   Prior to entering academia, Dr. Grossman worked for twenty years in the IT field, holding positions in software development, project management, and technical recruiting. He has continued to advance his education throughout his working life, having earned a Bachelor’s of Applied Science (BAS) in Computer Systems from Florida Atlantic University, a Masters in International Business (MIBA) from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in Information Technology Management, also from Nova Southeastern University. His research has focused on knowledge management, business networks and technology innovation.   

Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Echelmeyer

Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Echelmeyer is an accomplished professor in the area of automated logistics. He studied production engineering at the University of Bremen, attaining a doctorate degree in engineering sciences in 2006.  His previous experience includes a position as an Active Research Assistant as the Chair of Planning and Controlling of Technical Systems at the University of Bremen (2002-2007).  There he worked on the development and integration of automated logistics systems, as well as a lecturer in the area of production engineering. In the year 2005, he became a Department Manager within the research area „intelligent production and logistics systems“ and independently led a group of researchers working in the „logistics factory of the future“.  He was project manager in a multiplicity of projects in the ranges of material and information flow optimization, particularly in the ranges of automation- and AutoIdent-technologies. From 2007-2009, he worked as a Project Manager at ThyssenKrupp Systemengineering responsible for the business unit robotic-logistics. In 2009, he was awarded a full professorship in the ESB-Business School at the Reutlingen-University where he actively develops his own research in the ESB-Logistikfabrik. In addition, he is involved in the realization and market introduction of innovative technologies and products in the field of vehicle and automation technology. Since 2012 he heads the Institute of Technical Logistics at the Knowledge Foundation of Reutlingen University.

Prof. Dr. Edward Sweeney, Aston University, United Kingdom

Professor Ed Sweeney is Professor of Logistics and Systems at Aston University in Birmingham, UK and Director of the Aston Logistics & Systems Institute. He is an experienced researcher with over 150 publications in the form of books, book chapters, journal papers and articles to his name. He also sits on the editorial boards of several leading academic journals and currently chairs the Logistics Research Network (LRN), the UK’s leading network of scholars in the supply chain field. Ed has worked and lectured in over 50 countries and collaborated with many of the world’s leading companies. His current work focusses on the development of sustainable and resilient global supply chain architectures.

Dr. Nur Budi Mulyono

Dr. Eng. Nur Budi Mulyono is a Lecturer of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. He holds an engineering doctoral degree from Toyohashi University of Technology with dissertation on self-organized network of relief logistic and inventory. At the School of Business and Management ITB, he teaches Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Performance Management, and the Business Analytic. He is starting a research career in humanitarian supply chain management and economic sharing development. He is recently involved in emerging research on the logistic sharing solution for SME in Indonesia such as logistic industry mapping, the business process modeling, set pricing mechanism, measuring risk, and design network structure for logistic sharing. He is associated with Indonesian Disaster Expert Association. His research interests include humanitarian supply chain, inventory models, operations management, business continuity, and economic sharing. Besides teaching, his professional expertise focuses on the development and optimization of factory operation as well as resilience of SME in Japan. The results of his research have been published in an International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, and Procedia Computer Science. In addition, he has presented his work at national and international conferences.